November 30, 2011

Last Pins of 2011

Hi Friends!

Just a quick Hello to let you know that there will be some new pins at my etsy shop on Monday!
They will also be the last ones for the year 2011!
Hope you like them all!

Can't believe 2011 is almost over!

Don't miss the shop update on Monday!

Thanks for visiting...

November 24, 2011

Afternoon light by my girl...

This wonderful photograph is taken by my sweet five year old daughter...
I didn't realize she took this until I uploaded the pictures to my computer...
I loved it! ~ like all mothers loving everything their kids do! :)
And it sure made me smile...
Oh well...
I've just finished some beautiful pins and can't wait to share them with you...
Maybe I should tell my private photographer to take their pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving All - if you celebrate!

November 18, 2011

November 08, 2011

Japanese Book Love

I really don't have to understand a word to get inspired!
Beautiful details...
More Japanese books here :)

November 02, 2011

Beauty of Passion Tea

Last week, when I was enjoying a cup of Passion tea, I saw the beautiful dried roses by the window.
Their lovely color matched perfect to my delicious cup-o-tea...

Then I found some old white fabric in a basket, along with some lace ribbons...
Ten minutes later, everything white around me turned this beautiful pink color.

I'm still dying some ribbons here... and I don't know when will I get bored!

If you have a white shirt on you, make sure you don't come too close to me...
Happy November friends!

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