May 11, 2011

My Celine is turning 7 today!

Today is a big day here, in Studio Latte.
It's my daughter Celine's 7th birthday.
Celine is such an inspiration to me. She is full of ideas in her little world!
She loves art! 
If she sees me drawing or taking notes to my sketchbook; she would usually ask to draw some of her ideas as well.. I love it when she draws in my sketchbook. Such a treasure to keep!
So, today all my pin girls are gathering to surprise my little girl who styles their hair...
They are baking a little birthday cake for Celine who is their half-mommy!
More on that... Stay tuned, ok?
Happy Birthday sweetheart!
Love you!


  1. Dear Nily,
    it had been a long time, ı could not come here to visit.
    my lovely, little girl, have a nice life, and (maybe) a life full of art.:))you have big world.:))and awesome ideas.

  2. "happy birthday to you
    [ repeat ]
    happy birthday dear Celine
    happy birthday to you"- C&P


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